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Dates are easy to plan when we are plotting them hypothetically, but when the time comes and we want to show a gorgeous girl an amazing time, we tend to suffer a blockage of ideas. Read on for some suggestions on where to take a Mumbai elite escort…

Date night with a Mumbai elite escort

Although Spiderman by Marvel Studios is out this weekend, we would hope that you would be a little more creative when it comes to taking a beautiful girl out…

Book an overnight with a Mumbai Escort and maybe ask her if she would like to cook with you. You can both agree on a recipe and then visit the local farmers on Saturday in Mumbai and even Market to buy the product. Mumbai escorts love an extra hand in the kitchen, especially when those onions start to make her cry! For a romantic evening, choose a solid bottle of red and if you are a meat-eater, then make a great spicy Bolognese. Spaghetti bolognese and wine have been voted as one of the best meal combinations for couples when getting in the mood.

You may be surprised to hear that many women have never even been to a concert. It may sound like a lazy option but one Mumbai escort had an amazing date chatting to a client, drinking champagne whilst watching the Queen B perform on a 75″ tv in his lounge.

Jazz clubs have an amazing ambience, and chances are she has not yet been to a live jazz event. You can visit the infamous jazz clubs in Soho and be transported to another era through soul music and fine whiskies. You can dress up or down in a jazz club, anything goes!

Have you ever created a treasure hunt around the city? You can create a map with clues directing the Mumbai escort to various landmarks in the city, such as The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and St. Thomas Cathedral Church.

On the subject of museums, why not take the Mumbai escort to the exhibition of the month at The Museum. The glass panelled ceiling is an architectural prowess and demonstrates a perfect amalgamation of Archaeological findings; a prevalent theme in Mumbai.

No Mumbai elite escort is going to say no to a massage! You can book a duo massage at The Boutique Spa or Waters Boutique Spa in Bandra West, Mumbai. Steer away from a sports massage because you only feel the positive effects 48hours later and you want the Mumbai escort and yourself to feel instant gratification. Try to book a lymphatic drainage or Thai massage; the results are instantaneous and incredible!

Go for a hike with an active Mumbai escort. A girl will take any opportunity to venture out and breathe in a good dosage of fresh oxygen – if the company is right, then time flies.

There are several routes to try: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport to Mumbai Hotels, Bombay Natural History Society, Prince of Wales Museum and National Gallery of Modern Art Lock.Planning is key! Every High Class Independent Mumbai Escorts will have prepared herself accordingly for when she meets a discerning gentleman, so she is always thrilled when she finds out he has made.

Planning is key! Every Mumbai escort will have prepared herself accordingly for when she meets a discerning gentleman, so she is always thrilled when she finds out he has made the effort to plan an eventful day, night, or even weekend.