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Why escort girls are so expensive

High Rates of Escort Girls

Escort services exist all over the world and it is really expensive but what is the reason of this high price? Does anyone ever thought about it ? I did ! and that is what this article all about. Mumbai Escorts services always have high demand but many people can’t go for it because of the high rates. Why the rates are so high? Here is my analysis below.

There are two main reasons for so high rates :-

Number ratio according to the population

Though escort services exists in pretty much every country in the world, I think it’s safe to say that relative to any given population, there aren’t many of them, mainly in a developing country like India the number of escorts according to the population is very less.

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Economic profit due to high demand

The demand for escort services is increasing day by day and hence there are not so many escorts in India that is the main reason rate is so high and In economic terms, they are a scarce resource and these are the main two reasons why escorts services are so expensive.

other reasons

Risky work

A escort takes on serious risks. They include the potential for violence and diseases ,while having sex sometimes escorts face violence from the customers  and they also have a high possibility of getting a sexually transmitted disease like HIV . they also loses their social respect, because this kind of services are not socially accepted. She (or he) is going to demand a premium for those risks like  an investor demands a high potential return when assessing a high-risk security. And let’s not forget the serious risk of criminal charges if she happens to work in a jurisdiction where escort services  are prohibited.

People are willing to pay

But the main reason escorts are so expensive is the same as the reason why a Monet is so expensive because there are people willing to pay that price. There are many people who have tons of money and they are willing to pay any amount for their desire, for fulfilling their lust and these people sets a benchmark of price for others that is another reason why escort services are so expensive.

Self employed

Self employed escorts or independent escorts are more expensive. Escorts don’t have a regular job with a fixed salary, which means they don’t have a reliable income. They’re not guaranteed to have appointments whenever they want them.

Agency cut off and bargaining

Escort who works for a particular escort agency they usually have to give a  percentage amount of money to the escort agency for every booking that makes the rate expensive. Many agencies don’t have a fixed price and customers usually bargain the rate that is why the escort sets a higher rate to fake their profit.


I have given the main reasons why escort services are so expensive. I hope it will work to answer your queries . share this article as much as possible and comment you questions bellow.