Month: February 2017

Sex toys will make you more than wild

Most of us make the mistake of hiding our truly feelings and desires when it comes to sex and although we want to be adventurous in bed, we do not always find the right partner to engage in activities that would really drive us wild with passion. Wives and girlfriends might not always want to try out the things that you have in mind either because they are too shy or too scared. But there is no need to worry about and this is where the sexy and sultry escorts in Kolkata come in. They are as wild and passionate as any and they can satisfy the desire of the most demanding men. They are not afraid to try out new things in bed to make sex fun and kinky and the use of sex toys is definitely going to drive you wild.

How can Sex Toys enhance your Sex Life?

Nowadays, it is very easy to buy sex toys and one can order them discreetly by shopping online. However, escorts have them with them and if you are particular about the use of sex toys, they will bring a wide range of toys when they come for your session. The standard sex toys of course include dildos but there are other things like vibrators that can make you enjoy a new aspect of sex like you have never imagined. Belts, nipple clips, blindfolds, funny and sexy nurse outfits- all of them can be found in any sex store. In fact, even if you buy sex toys yourself, you will never be able to use them as well as the escorts who use their imagination and passion while using them. They use it with greater panache and without any inhibitions and you will both be screaming with pleasure at the end of it all.

Sex Toys will Drive you Wild?

Have you ever tried on pulsates and vibrators? While it is mostly the notion that sex toys are used by women to relieve them of their loneliness, the fact is that if they are used by a man on a woman, then the effect is all the more dramatic. If you have any special fantasy playing in your mind, then you just have to order the right sex toy and it will do all of that for you. And if being a man you have always wanted to try out how does a sex toy feel when it is used on a woman, then you have to hire an escort to do it who will let you do more than that. Nipple clamps are great as well and used together with dildos, they produce an amazing effect. Let your escort bound you with a penis ring and you will find the pleasure lasting longer and resulting in more intense outcomes. The natural sexual joy can be heightened so much more only if you can use the sex toys in the right way for added stimulation.

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Why do women become escorts?

It might seem to any ordinary person that perhaps becoming an escort is not an honorable thing to do and the woman in question often has to face a lot of criticism for choosing this way of life. Some also assume that there was some kind of compulsion behind it and maybe she was even forced into it. It never really crosses anyone’s mind or they are not very open to thinking that a woman can very well choose to become an escort out of her own free will. In fact, in the West, it is hardly a matter of discussion and there are many women who are working independently and successfully as escorts.

So if anyone has the pertinent question in mind that why do women normally become escorts, it can be said that this is an exciting life and nothing like what women are generally accepted to live like. By becoming an escort for a very high profile agency, a girl would immediately enter a very high ranking social circle where everyone belongs to a very elite class. If the girl is herself talented and beautiful, and has no inhibitions when it comes to having sex with strangers, she would be going very far in life, enjoying a world of riches and glamour. Those girls who want to live life to the fullest often find this is the best and the shortest route to success because the money here is very good indeed and immediately gives them the opportunity to transform their lives from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Some girls also become escorts because they utilize the money for other uses, like for education or even for medical treatment of someone they know of. The money here is always good and if one can get access to thousands of rupees simply by spending an hour or two with a stranger, then why not? Also, by being an escort one gets to travel places- the escorts often have to accompany their clients on their business trip or they have to be their vacation partners. They would be traveling the world and that too at the expense of the client, hence there is very little to lose. One just has to take good care of one’s physique and body and there would be no end to the success that one comes across over here.

On the other hand, it would be wrong to assume that women only become escorts for all the materialistic perks. Some girls simply enjoy the company of men and also have a very high libido and by becoming an escort, one can get a permanent solution too these issues. It can so fun and entertaining to go out with a new man, enjoy a new party, visit a new destination every time the client changes. I t is a roller coaster for sure and those who enjoy it, become premium escorts at the mort reputed agency, and always the most sought after.

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From Fear and Risks to Assurance and Safety

 Feel free and Safe to be with Professional Escorts in Kolkata

Sometimes, people feel a little sceptical and hesitant before booking a professional escort because of thinking about a lot of probable risks that they may experience after spending time with her. But there is an assurance that spending quality time with the attractive escorts in Kolkata will bring you noting but unforgettable experiences full of happiness and satisfaction. Availing both incall and outcall services from these babes is always safe and sound as they are the professional female companions who keep all the aspects guarded with sheer professionalism to offer high quality services in an extremely safe method. The escorts working in the industry of Kolkata lead hygienic and scheduled lifestyle. Hence they are healthy and confident about their diet maintained body. It is thus always safe for the men to be intimate with these pretty babes in private, whenever they want.  The availability of these outstanding escort girls in the capital city is high; hence you can book then anytime you want.

Kolkata Escort Girls Always Keep the Clients’ Identity Confidential

The reputed agency escorts of Kolkata are concern about their clients’ reputation and identities; hence they take all the right measures to keep the identities of their clients confidential. The incall and outcall service providing Kolkata escort girls are the girls who make sure they are getting closer with their clients in a safe guarded way. And the agencies they are associated with always keep the database of their clients secret and safe with them. The long running escort agencies in Kolkata, never share the client database with any other third party for any reason. Rather they keep the client database with them to manage and improve the quality of services they are offering in a long run. The clients can also be sure that their identities will never be disclosed to anyone and because of this, they can enjoy the intimate moments with their professional female companions forgetting all their worries without any confusion.

Sexy Kolkata Escorts Keep Clients’ Personal Details Pretty Safely

While booking any of the gorgeous and talented sexy Kolkata escorts, the clients get asked to provide some of his personal details to the agency and it is mandatory. But there is nothing to be worried about as these personal details never get disclosed any way by neither the agency nor the escorts of the association. The personal details of the clients get asked just to keep the record of the services and the availability of the escort girls. Unless any serious legal need, these agencies never bring out the details of their prestigious clients under the spotlight, rather they take all the required actions so that the clients can enjoy full liberty of spending really good times with their chosen escort girls in their own preferred ways. In short what can be said that, getting intimate with the outstanding escorts of Kolkata will never harm you any way as the girls and their agencies are fully concerned about the well being of their clients.